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Meet our international team

Our international team, based in Brisbane Australia, support our students and trainers across the world.

Melissa Armstrong

Head of Academy

Customer Support

Global Helpdesk

Irene Green

Director of Professional Development

Tim Butler

Online Learning Manager

Mitch Green

Human Resources Manager

Alan Hossack

Multimedia Designer

Alinta Ward

Academy Training Resource Writer

Debbie Warshawsky

Academy Operations Manager Australasia

Ashley Dawes

Academy Administration Support

Meet our Australian team

The Academy's regional trainers deliver training in all states of Australia.

Paul Casarotto

Academy Auction Trainer

Janet Okaro

Academy Sales and Technology Trainer

Heather de Fina

Professional Development Manager

Ray Brincat

Academy Trainer

Megan Hampton

Academy Trainer

Chantelle Iannello

Academy Trainer

Justin Balsillie

Academy Trainer

Meet our New Zealand team

The Academy's regional trainers deliver training across New Zealand.

Rhiana Kenny-Dowall

Academy Administrator

Tamsin Mason

Academy Trainer

Andrew Simich

Professional Development & Academy Manager

Yvonne Duff

Academy Trainer

Meet our South Africa and USA teams

The Academy's South Africa and USA teams.

Jan Myburgh

Head Trainer South Africa

Valerie Acevez

Academy Trainer California

Ray Bachman

Academy Trainer Oregon