Will my qualifications be recognised if I move overseas?

Mutual recognition of a Sales Registration Certificate

A sales certificate is not mutually recognised outside of the State or Country it was issued. However the training you attended to achieve that sales certificate will be recognised by any RTO (Registered Training Organisation) in Australia. You will need to apply for RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) and provide evidence of your knowledge skill and experience. The RTO will then identify any gaps in your knowledge and recommend appropriate training for you to complete. Harcourts Academy can provide RPL for you in some Australian regions. Through our internal website we deliver state and country specific gap learning via online learning - a fun and interactive way to up skill from your computer anywhere, anytime.

Contact the Academy in your region for more information and to register for RPL.

Mutual recognition of a Real Estate Licence

While qualifications are not mutually recognised, current and operating licenses are. If you have a current operating licence it will receive mutual recognition in all states and territories of Australia or New Zealand. Do not notify your current governing body of your move until you have applied for and received your licence in the town / country you are moving to. Once your licence has become inoperable you will not receive mutual recognition.