Leadership Programme

Empowering our office and team leaders to take their operations to new levels, the leadership programme includes applied topics such as leadership, coaching and training, marketing, systems, financial planning, technology and business strategy. The many workshops within this programme will help you to manage people for high performance and achieve extraordinary success in your business.

Target Group: For all Harcourts business owners, managers and future leaders

What You Will Learn

Partners in Excellence (Half day)

Harcourts, the Academy and you, our leaders, must be partners in excellence in order to help our people succeed. This programme has been designed to demonstrate how the Academy can be your biggest recruitment and retention tool. It aims to increase awareness of the products and services available and for you to know what your people are learning at the Academy. You will explore programmes and resources that will assist you to recruit, grow and retain great team members in sales, property management and administration.

Leadership – The Critical Ingredient (One day)

Leadership – The Critical Ingredient engages you in a challenging, interactive experience that enhances your ability to influence, inspire, motivate and lead others.

A key focus is on the development and refinement of practical skills and tools that improve awareness and management of yourself and others.

Technology Powered Business (Coming Soon)

A programme designed to inspire you to get more from your technology, enabling you and your business to respond faster to your customers, adapt to changing customer demands, and prosper in this information technology economy. Make sure your office and your team are utilizing the latest technology tools that will give them the leading edge.

Effective Marketing (Half Day)

Effective Marketing promotes the learning of skills and tools that assists sales consultants in preparing personal marketing plans and profiles that will enhance personal and business performance.

Establishing an Auction Culture (Half Day)

This session is designed to expand your knowledge of the auction system and the key pulse points required within an office environment to make auction a key component of your day-to-day operation.

Training and Coaching Your People (One Day)

A practical look at planning, implementing/running and executing in-office training with your sales team as well as individual mentoring and coaching in the field.

This day aims to draw on your existing presentation and people development skills and develop these further.

Recruitment - The Life Blood of Your Business (Half Day)

Recruitment – The Life Blood of your Business helps you to understand the process of recruitment and selection to ensure you make the most informed decision for new consultants and are able to attract and engage experienced consultants. This will allow you to build a team of sales consultants with confidence.

A key focus is on practical daily activities for recruiting that you can implement immediately.

Essentials of Finance for Non Finance Managers (Half Day)

Essentials of Finance for Non-Financial Managers is an introduction to the fundamentals of accounting that will ensure that managers have a sound understanding of office performance.

In this session you will develop skills that allow financial performance analysis and partake in a basic introduction to the accounting fundamentals specific to the real estate industry.

Building a Business Plan (One Day)

Building a Business Plan challenges participants to examine practices and procedures that ensure growth in yourself, your team and your business.

This will involve a practical look at business planning and how best to assist people with and in the process.

Communication: Profit from Connections (Half Day)

Compelling and effective communication with any audience, from a client newsletter strategy to becoming a respected media figure, will help you and your team build your business. Sounds complex, but with understanding, planning and strategy, communication is a simple and very effective addition to your business plan and growth. This session provides a practical insight and understanding into the options and methods you can use as part of your growing success.

Know Your People to Manage Their Performance (One day)

A leader must treat everyone fairly but not the same. What motivates one may have the opposite effect on another. This session explores varied styles of management and communication for the different character and behaviour styles within a team. Learn how to conduct effective one on ones and build strong relationships with your people.

Advanced Modules

'The Art' of Leadership (One day)

The Art of Leadership powers beyond the usual nuts and bolts of classic leadership assessment. It will provoke an insightful reflection that promotes enhanced self development as the means to effective leadership in today’s business world.

Be prepared to be challenged while knowing that what you learn will enhance you, your team and your business.

Marketing for Impact and Influence (One day)

Marketing for Impact and Influence will ensure your marketing strategies and practices are enabling you to achieve high levels of impact and influence within the real estate landscape.

The Master Mentor (One day)

The Master Mentor presents an opportunity for participants to enhance their ability to guide, lead and inspire their people. You will develop a range of tools and techniques that will ensure greater quality and confidence in your people management.

Building a Secure Business (One day)

Building a Secure Business is about ensuring your wealth preservation strategies are current and in line with international best practice. Furthermore, this day looks to ensure that your business structure and personal disciplines are in sync with your dreams and goals.

Advanced Money Matters (One day)

Advanced Money Matters aims to ensure participants understand the accounting report process that enables critical success factors to be monitored.

Participants will also engage in activity that will improve their ability to design customised reporting that meets their specific needs.

Managing Change (One day)

A programme designed to provide you with the skills necessary to survive and thrive in an era of increasing transition and change. What does it take to move people through change and create loyalty, commitment and a way of working together?


The Leadership Programme is offered throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Further Information

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