Auction Training Pathway

Auction Essentials

Looking to learn from the very best Auctioneers? Obtain the blueprint for success by attending this comprehensive two-day program.

Who should complete this training?

This session is designed for real estate salespersons or those who operate as a personal or buyer’s assistant, who are looking to implement the Auction method of sale within their business.

Training Requirements

Completion of Are you an Auction Agent?

Course Fee


What you will learn

  • How to establish a strong working relationship and communicate effectively with sellers
  • Scripts to assist you with handling common seller concerns about auction
  • How to work with buyers for auction and explain the benefits of the auction process to them
  • Effective scripts for discussing price with buyers of no-price property
  • How to effectively manage the process and obtain a better understanding of of the auction listing file and what it should contain
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the listing agent and the Harcourts Auctions team and the support available to you


Auction Essentials is presented in all the main Academy training centres by the Academy's team of specialist trainers.