Harcourts and You Induction

Welcome to Harcourts! This session has been designed to provide an in-depth introduction to Harcourts and what it means to be better in blue!

This is an excellent opportunity to take a behind the scenes tour of each department and how they support you – training, marketing, communications, technology, e-business, finance, specialist divisions, events and recognition.

Who should complete this training?

Everyone joining team Harcourts, no matter what role, is warmly welcomed to this interactive and enlightening session.

Training Requirements

Half day, in-class training

Course Fee


What you will Learn

  • Connect with Harcourts, our culture and our people
  • Understand our purpose, key philosophies and the values we live by
  • Discover just how strong our brand is on the world stage
  • Learn about the vast number of advantages Harcourts offers you
  • Feel the difference that is Harcourts


Harcourts & You is presented in all the main Academy training centres by the Academy’s team of specialist trainers.

Additional Information

1/2 day