Leadership Training Pathway

The Art of Leadership: Become a Leader, Not a Boss.

Our leadership training includes applied topics such as leadership, coaching and training, marketing, systems, financial planning, technology, and business strategy.

The many workshops within this program will help you to manage people for high performance and achieve extraordinary success in your business.

Harcourts and You Induction

Welcome to Harcourts! This session has been designed to provide an in-depth introduction to Harcourts and what it means to be better in blue!

This is an excellent opportunity to take a behind the scenes tour of each department and how they support you – training, marketing, communications, technology, e-business, finance, specialist divisions, events and recognition.

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Leaders of Change

Are you a business owner or manager, new to our brand? Needing help understanding what we have and where to find it all? Curious to find out how Harcourts supports our people? If so, then this ‘Harcourts on a plate’ showcase, is a must to attend!

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Leadership Workshop Series

A variety of workshops provide specialist knowledge in all areas of real Leadership.

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Expert Panel Program

People learn from books and teachers, videos and programs but nothing is as effective or memorable as learning from experience. Expert Panel program panelists include specialists from outside of our industry, experts in finance, marketing, psychology, great CEOs from successful organisations and of course our very own skilled leaders from inside Harcourts.

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