Leadership Training Pathway

Leadership Workshop Series

A variety of workshops provide specialist knowledge in all areas of real Leadership.

Available Workshops

The Master Mentor (Presented by Mike Green)

The Master Mentor presents an opportunity for participants to enhance their ability to guide, lead and inspire their people. You will develop a range of tools and techniques that will ensure greater quality and confidence in your people management.

Recruitment - The Life Blood of Your Business

Recruitment – The Life Blood of your Business helps you to understand the process of recruitment and selection to ensure you make the most informed decision for new consultants and are able to attract and engage experienced consultants. This will allow you to build a team of sales consultants with confidence. A key focus is on practical daily activities for recruiting that you can implement immediately.

Team Culture by Design

A great team culture does not happen by mistake. Learn how to create a team environment and culture that will attract and retain good people. Examine effective methods of recognition, run valuable sales meetings and build energy and fun through production incentive games

Setting Standards

A structured approach to setting and maintaining standards within your office to not only protect your business but also the client experience. Take away Harcourts HR policies, procedures and resources to assist you with disciplinary action when standards are breached and provide you with the guidance and systematic approach you need to manage individual and team performance.

Know Your People to Manage Their Performance

A leader must treat everyone fairly but not the same. What motivates one may have the opposite effect on another. This session explores varied styles of management and communication for the different character and behaviour styles within a team. Learn how to conduct effective one on ones and build strong relationships with your people.

Help Them Business Plan

Sales consultants serious about succeeding in the RE industry will document a comprehensive business plan every year. Our job as the leader is to ensure that their plan is valuable, enacted and supported. Learn how to facilitate Harcourts proven business planning process.

Train - Be the Reason Behind Their Success

A practical look at planning, implementing and executing in-office training with your sales team. Learn how to structure a training session that is relevant in today’s market using the 30 minute planner. Draw on the talent within your team and apply de Bono’s tools of facilitation to guide productive discussions.

Coach - Be the Reason Behind Their Success

Understanding the difference between leading and coaching will compel you to take a closer look at how truly effective your current coaching program is. Know how to set meaningful goals, uncover their present reality and plan for their future success. Through valuable measurement and feedback you can become the reason behind your people’s success.


Overcome your fear of public speaking in this safe but interactive session on presentation skills. Capture your audience with cleverly designed speech content and engaging oration. Uncover the dos and don’ts of using power point presentations and understand the power of gesture by studying your own body language. This session will also explore stage mechanics, using humour and taking questions from the audience.

Building A Secure Business

Building a Secure Business is about ensuring your wealth preservation strategies are current and in line with international best practice. Furthermore, this day looks to ensure that your business structure and personal disciplines are in sync with your dreams and goals.

Buying and Valuing a Rent Roll

Should you build a rent roll or purchase an existing one? How do you know what it is worth? Learn the many elements of conducting due diligence and how to protect your newly acquired asset throughout the change of ownership

The Essentials Of Finance

An introduction to the fundamentals of accounting that will ensure a sound understanding of office performance. This session aims to develop skills for financial performance analysis and provide a basic introduction to the accounting fundamentals specific to the real estate industry.

Advanced Money Matters

This session ensures participants understand the accounting report process that enables critical success factors to be monitored. Participants will engage in activity that will improve their ability to design customised reporting that meets their specific needs.

Online, Offline = Inline (Presented by Gregg Toyama)

Your offline and online marketing plays a vital role in your overall marketing strategy. Achieving an INLINE personal and property marketing strategy can be cost effective and substantially increase your profile in the marketplace.

Marketing for Market Share

Ensure your marketing strategies and practices are enabling you to achieve high levels of impact and influence within your market. Explore ways to communicate and connect to attain and sustain success in your business.  The emphasis will be on practical activities you can use to create a top of mind attraction business and to market your business in a way that ensures you remain at the forefront within the real estate landscape.

Establishing an Auction Culture

This session is designed to expand your knowledge of the auction system and the key pulse points required within an office environment to make auction a key component of your day-to-day operation.

Who should complete this training?

This workshop series has been designed for Business Owners, Managers and Future Leaders, wanting to increase their skills or refresh their knowledge in a particular area of leadership.

Training Requirements

Completion of Leaders of Change

Course Fee

All sales workshops are complimentary


The Leadership Workshop Series is presented in all the main Academy training centres by the Academy’s team of specialist trainers.