Technology Training

Technology Workshops for Office Administration

Our technology workshops provide Team Harcourts with an understanding of Harcourts’ electronic systems and tools. It equips them with the skills required to operate them effectively. Workshops cover property and client management plus advanced marketing, with hands-on training that provides attendees with the confidence to navigate and effectively incorporate these essential tools into their daily practice.

Target Groups

  • Harcourts Office Administrators
  • Harcourts business owners interested in learning about Harcourts technology for office administration

Course Duration

Single day sessions of split workshops are periodically conducted by specialist Academy trainers in your local Academy training venue.

Learn Online

Step by step online video tutorials are also available. These pre-recorded audio-visual instructions act as a 1 on 1 coach for all aspects of Harcourts Technology.

What You Will Learn

  • Harcourts products, services and resource library
  • Client contact management
  • Manage listings
  • Email marketing and campaigntrack™
  • Buyer matching

Harcourts One Workshops

Duration: 4 hours each

Provides our people with an understanding of all Harcourts One systems and resources along with the knowledge and ability to implement and manage them in a Harcourts office. We currently run 5 different Harcourts One training sessions.

Introduction to Harcourts One

Designed for anyone who would like a general yet broad introduction to Harcourts One and it’s capabilities.

Advanced Harcourts One for Office Administrators

More advanced features of Harcourts One including: importing contacts, advanced saved listing searches to assist with weekly tasks, building a custom property list email marketing template, uploading your own images for email marketing.


Allows you to create dynamic print marketing easily and efficiently. Learn how to find, build and print marketing pieces that include custom information and images.

Social Media for Office Administrators

Duration: 4 hours

Social Media was first looked at as the new fad! Not anymore - if Facebook were a country it would be the 3rd largest in the world! Social Media is here to stay, so why not come and learn how to do it properly. Topics covered include:

  • How to set up and manage a Facebook page
  • How to set up and manage a Twitter account
  • How to follow keywords on Twitter
  • What you should and should NOT be posting
  • How to keep your personal profile for both personal and business use (yes you can separate it)
  • How you can track your efforts

Further Information

For all course enquiries and pricing details, please contact us.